Gail and her husband Jon travelled extensively, sampled various types of local cuisine, and documented the experiences along the way. We are pleased to share the personal thoughts and insights of one of the culinary world’s leading minds.
Inspiration from the life of ChefGail Hall

You probably have a new idea every day. Getting it off the ground is a lot more difficult than just thinking of it. Nothing in life is easy (except failure). ere are some suggestions from the inspiring life of ChefGail. It’s not what you look at but what you see that matters. – Henry David […]

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New Year: New tasks - Business advice from Maps Markets and Matzo Ball Soup

It's a new year and you have another 12 months in which to become famous. ChefGail was a well-know personality in Edmonton but she didn't get famous from self-promotion. It took hard work at the community level where she gave as good as he got. Is this the year you will receive an award? #5 […]

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Finding Yourself: Business Advice from ChefGail's Memoir

As an entrepreneur, ChefGail had a remarkable success. She idolized her entrepreneur father and followed in his footsteps. Through her efforts she was able to find herself and you can too. #2 Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw Like her father, Gail was a serial entrepreneur. Nothing […]

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Pricing Insight from Maps Markets and Matzo Ball Soup

The ChefGail Memoir contains 30 recipes but it also includes business insights drawn from ChefGails remarkable success in two different companies. Here is another one. You can read all of them in the book available at local bookstores and retailers. INSIGHT #12 A cynic knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. – […]

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Praise for MMMBS from a friend

Another friend has read Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup. Thanks for your kind comments. "Just a quick note to let you know that I just finished reading “Maps, Markets, and Matzo Ball Soup”. Thank you very much for electing to have her biography written – it truly shows how remarkable a person Gail was, […]

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Comments about Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup

People have made many positive comments about the book Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup. I am really pleased when readers get inspired to try the recipes. Here are a few recent comments: Still reading and enjoying the book so much! I just read about the borsch and the recipe looks soooo good! I’ll definitely make […]

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ChefGail Memoir is a business book

Many people think that Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup is a recipe book. The memoir does contain recipes but it also includes business insights. ChefGail operated two very successful businesses and worked in retail and for the government. She was a highly regarded business person and served on community boards and committees. Some of […]

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CHEFGAIL Memoir Update

We enter December on a high. Twyla Campbell and I are delighted with the sales of her first book, Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup: the inspiring life of ChefGail Hall. With over 1000 copies available in the marketplace at bookstores, retail stores and on-line, the book made the Edmonton best seller list for three weeks. […]

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New ChefGail Recipes every Monday

If you enjoyed the recipes in ChefGail's memoir Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup, you might be looking for more. Another of ChefGail's recipes is posted on the website every Monday morning. You can also scroll through previous posts to find something interesting for dinner. This week the recipe is Phyllo Strudel with Chicken, […]

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Book Club Discussion Questions

Here are some suggestions for discussion topics for your book club. We would be interested in your comments and suggestions coming out of the discussion. E-mail them to me at   Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup: The inspiring life of Chef Gail Hall Book Club Discussion Topics 1. Twyla wrote: (page 21) “The more […]

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