Finding Yourself: Business Advice from ChefGail's Memoir

December 28, 2018

As an entrepreneur, ChefGail had a remarkable success. She idolized her entrepreneur father and followed in his footsteps. Through her efforts she was able to find herself and you can too.

#2 Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw

Like her father, Gail was a serial entrepreneur. Nothing was going to keep her down. When her government job became too stressful, she created a catering company. When the economy kicked the legs out from under her business she expanded her culinary tours and started a cooking school. When you turn a diamond in the light it sparkles in different ways depending on the angle. When you turned Gail she sparkled differently from every angle. It takes six or eight adjectives to describe her: cook, chef, entrepreneur, writer, tour leader, media personality, educator….

You too, are a real three dimensional object. You may define yourself by your job, your heritage, or your family position (mother, uncle etc.) but these and all the other aspects of your life can be developed to create a new facet on the diamond of your life. Sit down one day with a close friend and list all the features of your life, personality, hobbies, and work experience. Gail liked to cook, so she transitioned from a government consultant to caterer. She knew she could sell so she tried working in retail. She loved travel so she became a tour leader.   

With your list in hand, start looking for opportunities to develop another facet. Libraries, career consultants, and college councillors might help. You’ll soon see the opportunities and be inspired to grasp them. You are not always going to be what you are today; tomorrow you will be a new creation.

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