Gail and her husband Jon travelled extensively, sampled various types of local cuisine, and documented the experiences along the way. We are pleased to share the personal thoughts and insights of one of the culinary world’s leading minds.
Panzanella Recipe -- My Favourite Way to Use Leftover Bread

Good bakeries seem to be sprouting up all over town -- as they should. We are on the prairies, known for our fields of grain. Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery in Oliver Square is a hidden gem. The bakery was started by husband and wife, Csaba and Agnes Nemeth, both European master bakers who came […]

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Pasta Recipe with Alberta Smoked Salmon and Broccoli

It may be the prairies, well-known for its fields of grain and grazing cattle. But did you know we do first rate smoked salmon hre as well? The recipe I've created uses gorgeous smoked salmon from Sgambaro’s Signature Foods. This Edmonton business specializes in producing fresh, never frozen, smoked salmon. It’s owned and operated by […]

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The Best Pesto Recipe -- My Favourite Pantry Item Using Locally Sourced Herbs

Did you know that even in the cold of winter, Alberta's local producers are growing greens and herbs in greenhouses. The next time you reach for a package of herbs, why not source out some local ones? One of my favourite producers is West Country Herbs and Morinville Greenhouses. This business is about 5 miles […]

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