Panzanella Recipe -- My Favourite Way to Use Leftover Bread

March 23, 2011

Good bakeries seem to be sprouting up all over town -- as they should. We are on the prairies, known for our fields of grain. Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery in Oliver Square is a hidden gem. The bakery was started by husband and wife, Csaba and Agnes Nemeth, both European master bakers who came to Canada from Hungary in 2004. They opened Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery in mid-May of 2007.These two bakers have over 30 years of European experience between them and they are the co-creators of the Royal Hungarian Baking Guild, a group that thrives to bake traditional European breads using traditional centuries-old methods. Breadland is a fully organic, because Csaba and Agnes believe in the values of organic farming as well as promoting an environmentally and economically sustainable lifestyle. And they have a wonderful vision of improving the lives of our customers with products and education that support health and well-being.

Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery produces over 70 different products made from five different grains: spelt, kamut, rye, brown rice, and unbleached white flour. They work with four different sour dough starters — spelt, rye, brown rice (for the gluten-free products) and unbleached white.Baking starts at 4 am 6 days a week to create beautiful breads, buns, sweet and savoury pastries. They also have a few seats at the bakery, so can have a light bite, such as soup and sandwich.The bakery is located in Oliver Square (west side) at 11642 – 104 Avenue. Breads are also available at Planet Organic and Earth’s General Store.

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