Pasta Recipe with Alberta Smoked Salmon and Broccoli

March 14, 2011

It may be the prairies, well-known for its fields of grain and grazing cattle. But did you know we do first rate smoked salmon hre as well? The recipe I've created uses gorgeous smoked salmon from Sgambaro’s Signature Foods. This Edmonton business specializes in producing fresh, never frozen, smoked salmon. It’s owned and operated by Roberto Sgambaro, a professional chef. In1 995, the concept of Sgambaro’s was born under the name Experience Gastronomique. In 2004, Roberto captured the Grand Prize in the Edmonton Region Venture Prize competition. This gave Roberto the opportunity to expand his business operations. His company produces Atlantic cold smoked salmon (also known as lox), gravlax (cured), salmon sausage, salmon pate, salmon jerky and a mustard sauce. Products are avaialble at the Italian Centre and Italian Bakery, Bon Ton bakery, the Grapevine Deli n St. Albert, Paddy’s, selected Sobeys and at Sunterra.

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