Gail and her husband Jon travelled extensively, sampled various types of local cuisine, and documented the experiences along the way. We are pleased to share the personal thoughts and insights of one of the culinary world’s leading minds.
Comments about Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup

People have made many positive comments about the book Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup. I am really pleased when readers get inspired to try the recipes. Here are a few recent comments: Still reading and enjoying the book so much! I just read about the borsch and the recipe looks soooo good! I’ll definitely make […]

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Local strawberries are on their way

My favourite strawberries are locally grown ones. Their flavour and richness just doesn't compare to the store bought ones that are so large, white and flavourless. Once you taste a local strawberry (at room temperature preferably), there's no turning back. Yes, you have to wait each year until they are available to truly appreciate what […]

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The Romance and Sex Life of the Date

Yes, that probably caught your attention. It’s because of a must stop at Shields Date Gardens (corner of hwy 111 and Jefferson) for a date milk shake – yes, a vanilla milk shake made with date crystals (small dried date pieces). Known for their cultivation of dates, the Shields started in 1929 and produced 119 […]

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