Gail and her husband Jon travelled extensively, sampled various types of local cuisine, and documented the experiences along the way. We are pleased to share the personal thoughts and insights of one of the culinary world’s leading minds.
Two Months on the Road with Gail Hall

From April 6 to May 29, check in with me as I travel with Jon in our Westfalia van to the west coast and down the Pacific Coast Hwy, writing about all things food along the way. Once we get through the first week of visiting friends and family along the way, we’ll stick to […]

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Our culinary tour to Argentina and Chile was amazing. Memories of fantastic grass-fed and finished beef in Argentina paired with lots of Malbec wine. Chile's seafood and Carmenere wines were delightful. One of the cooking classes we did was an empanada cooking class. These beef filled turnovers paired with a salad make a great meal […]

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Gail Hall - Seasoned Solutions in Edmonton - an introduction

A little bit about me: I’m a chef, writer and educator and I admit; food was my life. My apprenticeship in the wonderful world of food began at the age of five when my mother let me cook with her. I have great memories of cooking and baking under her watchful eye: everything from homemade […]

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