Policy Formation in Condominiums

Boards are often characterized by ineffective decision-making and picayune attention to detail. This session explores a four-part model of policy formation which defines the board's authority and role in leading rather than following the organization.


The role of the Board of Directors in the policy making process of non-profit organizations.


How to recruit volunteers effectively.


The role of the Condominium Board of Directors is to make policy decisions which will guide and lead their organization. This session will explore that role and offer suggestions which will help board members to look beyond the minute details of organizational operations and consider the bigger issues of relevance to the community, customer needs and effective goal attainment.

Time Required

75 minutes to eight hours


The session will start with a humorous, "story time" case study which describes why some boards fail to make effective policy decisions. Then a directed discussion, supported with overheads, will explain the role of the board in policy formation, the four categories of board policy, the hierarchical policy making process and the role of staff in policy administration.

Finally, the workshop participants will be led through a discussion of how the process of board policy making should be managed throughout a typical year or program period.

This session will draw heavily on the writings of John Carver and will reinforce and support a complementary session on Board/Staff Relationships.

Let's Get to work.

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