Where Do Board Members Stand, After They Take Their Seats?

The election is over and the new board members have taken their seats. Start the year off right with a proper orientation. An introduction to board member responsibilities and duties for new and experienced board members – especially in Condominiums.


Board Member Responsibilities and Duties.


An introduction to board member responsibilities and duties.


Many board members find that it takes a year for them to learn how to be a board member. By that time much of their first term has elapsed and their potential energy has been wasted. Improve your board members’ performance with everything your board members need to assume their new leadership role.

Time Required

60 to 90 minutes


New and experienced board members will all benefit from this outline of the role of a board member. Board members will come away with a complete understanding of the job they have been elected to do, their legal and ethical responsibilities, and the liabilities they are exposed to. As a result, your board meetings will be more efficient, your officers more committed, and your association more effective. Make this the first session after your board elections.

Of interest to

Board members, executive directors, association managers, and senior committee members, especially in condominium.

Let's Get to work.

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