The Partnership Itch

In this age of government cutbacks and societal change many associations, agencies, and groups must learn to build effective partnerships with other organizations in the community.


Building Effective Partnerships with Other Organizations in the Community.


A guide for associations, agencies, and groups in building effective partnerships with other organizations in your community.


The word ‘collaborative’ entered our everyday language in the 90’s. You cannot turn around without hearing some say “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Money and other resources are in short supply and everyone is trying to spend both sides of their nickel. And volunteer groups are harder hit than many others. They need to form partnerships with other groups in their community. If your group is still trying to “do it alone” it is doomed to failure.

Time Required

1.5 to 3 hours (half day)


In this 90-minute workshop, we will discuss the trends affecting partnership arrangements. We will explore the “relationship continuum” and your organization’s place on it. We will then map out a method of identifying your “kindred quotient:” What can you offer a potential collaborative partner? What will you be seeking from them? Finally, we will discuss the various factors which you will need to consider as you proceed through the process of creating a partnership. The session will be peppered with examples of partnerships with the media, corporate sponsors, other volunteer organizations, and agencies.

Of interest to

Association managers, event and program planners, fund raising professionals, community activists, and social workers.

Let's Get to work.

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