Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution

Using the light-hearted, bestselling video "Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution" this session shows how to build a job descriptions and use a targeted recruitment method to attract well suited volunteers to key positions.


Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution


How to recruit volunteers effectively.


Volunteers are an association's greatest assets. They provide the needed personnel resources for administrative, program and special project tasks. Yet any association is in competition for good volunteers with many other social, community, and volunteer agencies. Your association can gain the advantage if it can effectively recruit, select, and orient volunteers. This session uses a classic video and experiential exercises to demonstrate a '5-step targeted recruitment process' which you can take home and use immediately.

Time Required

3 to 3.5 hours (morning, afternoon or evening). Can be abridged for use at a conference or shorter time slot of 90 minutes or 2 hours.


After viewing a 17 minute humorous video, participants will work in small groups to actually design a volunteer job description, list and prioritize the candidates and practice a recruitment interview. Participants will practice real skills in simulation and role-play exercises and then transfer those skills to real back home situations.

Of interest to

Association managers, volunteer coordinators, team leaders, and volunteers who supervise and recruit other volunteers.


This workshop was developed for and using the volunteer recruitment process of one of Canada’s largest youth serving organizations. The workshop package has become a certified best seller throughout North America. It was produced entirely in Alberta with an all-Alberta cast and crew. The video stars Jackson Davies of the Beachcombers and won an Honourable Mention at the AMPIA Awards in Edmonton. Jon Hall has presented this workshop over 300 times to critical acclaim.

Let's Get to work.

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