Let’s talk! You may be able to go for coffee and chat with each of your audiences but more likely, you will have to “market” your message in a myriad other ways.

Advertising & Promotion

As an adjunct to sales, operations, or reputation management, an advertising and promotion campaign can extend your influence in the marketplace. Based on a foundation career in advertising, we have been assisting associations to create advertising campaigns for over 35 years. Print, out-of- home, broadcast, or digital, we have a more than a couple of ideas of how to help.

Communications (Internal/External)

Is everyone singing from the same song sheet? What does your audience think of you? If your metaphorical migrating birds are not all headed in the same direction you may be wasting valuable resources. Evaluation, analysis, and re-creation of your internal and external communications with members, staff and the general public will ensure that you reach your intended destination. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Government/Media Relations

To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. - Louis L'Amour. Your organization does not really have a choice in whether you interact with the government or the media. If you do not go to them, then one day they will come to you. Will you be prepared? A workshop, a conference session, or some coaching for key spokespersons may help. Although grouped together here, they employ different techniques which have been proven over decades of actual use.

Product Development

You may not be building a physical product, but everything you do from programs and education to recruitment and marketing involves planning, testing, and delivery through a development process. What are the steps? Where are the milestones? How do you identify in advance where the stumbling blocks will be? Our latest project was the successful launch of a $2 million website. We have a template that might also help you.

Publications & Video Production

At one time, we printed more pages of internal communications materials for a client than the organization’s national magazine. The newsletters shipped to members in five provinces and helped create a cohesive approach to knowledge distribution. We created an award-winning video-based training program that is still in use 20 years later. We created TV and radio campaigns to support a $1 million annual advertising budget. Do we know production? Just ask us!

Friend & Fundraising

Hildy Gottlieb proposed that an association must build an "army of friends, an army of support whose friendships are the key to building sustainable efforts to improve the quality of life in our communities". No matter what your fund raising goals are, you cannot raise them from people or funders that do not like you. So, before you pitch them, you have to befriend them. We know techniques exist to enable you to do that.

Event Management

One year, we took 8,000 youth to the Calgary Stampede. We regularly hosted a Christmas luncheon for 1,000 members. Our forecast seminars attracted 100’s. But we also managed a golf tournament for 140 and a ball tournament of dozens. A picnic or a banquet, a workshop or a conference; what is our next challenge? You get to decide.
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