Potluck Event

Gail Hall was an advocate of good food served in the presence of good friends. And she loved to get everyone involved in the food preparation. That was the model for her cooking school: hands on, fresh, and social. When she wasn’t teaching, her favourite way to dine with family and friends was the potluck dinner. Everyone shared the workload and a favourite dish or recipe.

You can continue the tradition of potluck dinners—and Gail’s legacy—by hosting a potluck dinner in her honour. You get the pleasure of dining with friends, recounting stories of our friend Gail, and benefiting young chefs through a contribution to the ChefGail Fund.

Here’s how it works.

  1. During the month of November, schedule a potluck dinner for 6–8 friends. It can be as formal or casual as you like, with friends gathered around a well-laid table or standing around a barbecue or fireplace.
  2. Ask each guest to bring a favourite dish.
  3. Advise the ChefGail Fund of the date, time, and location of the dinner by contacting Jon Hall at 780.695.0383.
  4. At an appropriate time near the end of the dinner, a ChefGail Fund representative will arrive with a delicious dessert prepared and donated by Gloria Bednard at The Art of Cake.
  5. The ChefGail Fund representative will update you on Fund activities and answer any questions. Your guests will be invited to make donations to the fund in sealed envelopes, which can be gathered at the event or mailed in later. They will also receive a tax-deductible receipt from the Edmonton Community Foundation. While gifts are acknowledged, the amount is not disclosed by the Foundation.

We hope this potluck dinner becomes a tradition in your home and that your guests will host a dinner in future years as well.

Learn more about the book and fund.

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