More research for my Sonoma Sip `n Spa tour

April 26, 2011

It’s Easter Sunday and some kids from a nearby camper are on an early Easter egg hunt. We get up, shower and enjoy a camper breakfast of Greek God’s honey yogurt, a banana and the alst of the Three Sisters Bakery Granola (it was mighty fine granola).

We head to the Fairmont Sonoma Mission and Sap in Sonoma for a meeting with Keeley Hiatt, sales and conference manager, to get more details for our tour here next February. Questions are answered and the tour is coming together quite nicely.

We lunch at The Girl and Fig. I order the Roasted Baby Beet Salad with Bellwether Farms Crscenza (like quesa fresco), arugula and a hazelnut vinaigrette. Jon orders the omelette of the day with caramelized onions, bacon and cheese. Both are delish. It’s a busy place and we’re sitting at the bar (the bar structure is an antique over 160 years old) and the bartender is truly fine to watch – knows where his inventory is and moves easily and efficiently.

We walk the square in Sonoma and drive to Sausilito.

It’s sunny and we walk along the waterfront for several hours. En route to the van, we decide to stop for a beverage outside at the Sausalito Taco Shop. The couple beside us convince us to order off the menu: Taco de Cochnita (roasted leg of pork simmered in achiote – not spicy) and the Taco Sausalito (breaded shrimp, sautéed with onion) and a side of spicy housemade beans. Oh yes, two large margaritas made with agave wine, fresh lime, simple syrup and hibiscus juice, finished with a salted rim, complete the order.

Now the search is on for a place to camp and it becomes a hopeless search. We end up driving to find the closest Walmart…Rule number 2 about camping for the night at a Walmart – it must be a stand alone, not a ‘rented’ store as we discovered at 11:30 pm when mall security abruptly woke us up and had us drive off the property to the church across the street. Oh, rule number 1, about camping at Walmart, park at the front of the store and not at the back or you could be awakened by teens getting off shirt at midnight and having a few too many beers…..

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