Gail and Jon Playing Tourist in Victoria

April 14, 2011

Bill drives us downtown and we tour the Royal BC Museum, taking in the Emily Carr exhibit (which focuses on her youth) and visit the history of BC (one of my favourite features of this museum, showing things like the history of the salmon canning industry). We grab a bite at Sam’s Deli (owned by Roger’s chocolates) and tour a bit more of downtown (Chinatown, Mountain Equipment Co-Op) and then walk back to Bill and Dorothy’s (about 60 minutes).

At 7: 00 the four of us head to the Fifth Street Bar and Grill to meet Sam (Simone) and Allan Thimot,(recent arrivals from Edmonton in December). “Bill and Dorothy, meet Sam and Al”. My choice for dinner is no surprise; the chipotle dusted fresh salmon on a bed of aged cheddar risotto. It’s the desserts that catch everyone’s attention: a cookie sandwich of mint ice cream sandwiched between two dark chocolate cookies, drizzled with white chocolate, and a deliciously tart lemon curd flan.

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