A Stunning View of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

May 17, 2011

Yes, even a blog about food can sometimes substitute gorgeous scenery for gorgeous food and so it is for today. Jon and I flew out on a 19-seater de Havilland plane for a tour of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. Once I got over my nervousness, I let the scenery take over and it really was beautiful. The Grand Canyon is a wonder and so is the Hoover Dam and Mead Lake (the largest manmade lake in the world). Did you know that it took two years of continuous concrete pouring day and night to complete the Dam (with enough concrete to pave a road from one coast to the other)? Now, apparently, no one was buried during its construction, although men did die while making it over four years.

Boulder City is the only community in Nevada without a casino. There is life without gambling.

Supper was a delightful salad and salmon salad in wraps back at the campsite. All life in the road is not spent in restaurants.

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