Any of the following topics can be adjusted or modified to meet the exact needs of the participants and the time and space constraints of the workshop, conference, or seminar.

Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution

Using the light-hearted, best selling video “Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution” this session shows how to build a job descriptions and use a targeted recruitment method to attract well suited volunteers to key positions.

Motivating Team Members... & Yourself

To operate effectively a team must work in an atmosphere of mission, enthusiasm, accountability, and trust. This session, for any supervisor or manager, shows how to build and maintain a T.E.A.M. climate which motivates your team.

What Will Tomorrow Bring

The process of planning, assessment, and evaluation as it applies to a board of directors and staff of an association or not-for-profit society. This strategic planning workshop will help a group to define their own future and take them on the first step to achieving it.

Policy Formation in Condominiums

Boards are often characterized by ineffective decision-making and picayune attention to detail. This session explores a four-part model of policy formation which defines the board’s authority and role in leading rather than following the organization.

End Your Meeting Mania

Learn the techniques and skills of an effective chairman or participant at meetings. Write a proper agenda and maintain the meeting schedule. Learn when NOT to have a meeting and who NOT to invite. Finally, learn how to get results through effective delegation.

The Partnership Itch

In this age of government cutbacks and societal change many associations, agencies, and groups must learn to build effective partnerships with other organizations in the community.

Where do Board Members Stand, After They Take Their Seats?

The election is over and the new board members have taken their seats. Start the year off right with a proper orientation. An introduction to board member responsibilities and duties for new and experienced board members – especially in Condominiums.

Wordshop Basics

Each workshop will be tailored to your exact needs. Session length, subject matter, handout materials, and presentation style can be adapted to your requirements. A wide range of presentation methods and teaching tools are used to bring variety and life to each session. It is entirely possible that two sessions with the same name could be totally different.

Presentation fees are $400 per presentation hour plus expenses and taxes. The production of handout materials will be at additional expense. There is no additional fee for the development of materials or subject matter.

To arrange a workshop session please contact Jon Hall and please provide information regarding:

  • date of workshop
  • location of workshop
  • number of participants
  • type or demographics of participants
  • nature of the function or conference
  • A/V and other tools available
  • conference or meeting theme

What others say about the training

You brought a fresh outlook, great experience, and enthusiasm to our workshop. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.
We enjoyed your impromptu training session this morning in place of another speaker who failed to show up. If you can do that well without preparation we can hardly wait for your scheduled session that you have had time to prepare.
The recruiting skills workshop opened my eyes to the possibilities of using volunteers and how to find them. I began to use the skills the minute I got home.
As a new board member I had no idea of my obligations and responsibilities. Your session will ensure that my term on the board is enjoyable for me and the other board members.
Not everyone can capture and hold a room the way you did yesterday. I enjoyed your advice, examples, and stories. It is good to hear from someone who has been there and back and survived to tell about it.
Who knew all the things that volunteers do in our community? Your presentation clearly outlined the role and value of volunteers in our society and how we can recognize, support, and reward them.
Until your workshop the Policy Governance Model was a complete confusion to me. Your clear examples and keen appreciation of the basics and subtleties of the model left me in a much better position to lead my board.