Sessions Topic:

Motivating Team Members … and Yourself


How to build the organizational climate which will motivate team leaders and help them to lead a team effectively.


Any committee chair, supervisor, or team leader, soon learns that building the team is a key element in the success of a task. Although one person cannot motivate another, a good team leader can set the conditions and situations which will keep team members motivated and willing to complete assigned tasks.  This workshop will present a model for effective team leadership built on Trust, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Mission (T.E.A.M.)

Time Required:

3 hours (half day)


Practical exercises will teach skills and techniques to encourage Innovation, Communication, Recognition, and Fun. We will concentrate on setting the organizational climate and managing performance appraisals. We will touch briefly on recruitment and even show the video Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution (just for the fun of it). You’ll discover three elements of climate, four management systems, five steps of recruitment, and six appraisal follow through activities.

Of interest to:

Volunteer coordinators, supervisors, committee chairs, project teams, committee members, leaders, and volunteers who supervise other volunteers.


The exercises and handouts for this workshop were developed to support a new video workshop package now under development. It will be in the style and format of Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution and will pick-up where the first video left off.